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Located on the island of St Kitts and with representation throughout the wider Caribbean, Green Edge Technologies specializes in addressing our client’s energy inefficiencies by applying innovative solutions. In the current market, rising energy costs place a very significant burden on most Caribbean residences and businesses. Quite simply, our goal is to help others achieve significant reductions in energy bills and rapid pay back periods in product investments and retrofitting.

Green Edge Technologies Managing Director, Nicholas Brisbane, understands the need in the marketplace for novel and original ways of running one’s business. As a successful real estate developer, and Caribbean engineer, Brisbane sees the strain that high electricity rates places on the Caribbean economy and is motivated by the wave of new technology in the marketplace to address this.

Through his architectural firm, Brisbane O’Garro Alvaranga, Brisbane has consulted and collaborated on well over 4500 acres of master planning and development consulting in the Eastern Caribbean. This translates to over US $450 Million in construction value in projects for his clients.

As part of the Brisbane Group of Companies, Green Edge Technologies has a team with a variety of expertise including architects, structural engineers, electrical engineers, project managers, draftsmen, property managers and consultants.